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Marshall Transformer Codes


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Transformer codes


The initial goal of this page was to help identify the transformer codes used in

JTM45 and JMP50 amplifiers and how they overlapped over the years.

This goal has grown into what I call the Historic Data Base page.

This page contains information on the external and internal components used

in the JTM45 and JMP50 amplifiers from the 60's through the 80's.

If you have any comments, questions or would like to contribute to this page
please email me @


Wallace Amplification

Available in January. The new 139 50W OT

JTM45 Style Output Transformers

JTM45 Style Power Transformer

JTM45-style Board for Projects/Reissues

Current Transformer Code Information

Historic Data Base
127 amps and growing

Marshall Historic Pictorial Page


Technical Page

Yard Sale

Contributors Page


What's New

Wanted Page


Special thanks to Solid Body Guitar for their contribution to this page.


Page updated 1/03/04


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